Indulge in the luxury of a hot shave 

A hot towel shave is the closest, most professional shave you can get. Our experienced professionals will give you one of the best, most luxurious, straight razor shaves you will ever experience


-  Hot Leather Shave 

-  Manual Shave

-  Head Shave 

-  Shape Up

Anti-Aging Laser Haircut 


The cutting-edge heated scissors that promise to get rid of split ends for good, while regular scissors can cause hair to look frizzy and dry by opening the cuticle, the thermocut system shears seal the ends of hair to trap moisture inside. 


-  Dry Cut

-  Anti Aging Laser Cut 

-  Shampoo, Cut & Style


Men Can Wax Too!


We look at male bikini waxing the same way we view female bikini waxing: that it’s a perfectly acceptable form of grooming.


-  Unibrow

-  Chest 

-  Back

-  Neck / Shoulders

When you want skin as smooth as your game, you need a facial.

We’re dedicated to making your mug touch ably soft in the most masculine way possible. During your first facial, we will ascertain what your needs are and create a customized treatment. 


-  Gent's Facial (50 Min)

-  Quick Cleansing (25 Min) 

-  Deep Cleansing (55 Min)

-  Acne Therapy (55 Mins)

A little shy about dying your hair? 

Our hair color specialist can ease you into it. Our hair salon uses only high quality hair color product lines and also offers hair color correction if you have undergone the unfortunate event of a drastically bad hair coloring. 


-  Highlights

-  Low Lights

-  Color

Beards Are Back!
Let Us Manage Yours!


Detailed edging and grooming to keep your beard in shape. After all, your beard is your pride, your joy. You don't want to risk someone messing that up.

Beard Trim 

-  Beard Trim

-  Neck Clean Up

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